Welcome from the Chair of the Academic Board, Brittany Université

It is a great privilege and honour to be the Chair of the Academic Board at Brittany Université, France.

The Academic Board has a responsibility to students and the community as a whole to ensure that Brittany Université is a university that develops people with skills and knowledge that will equip them with current and future employment.

The Academic Board has an important role to play in raising Brittany Université’s standards through setting the strategic academic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluating the academic performance of the University.

I hope to work with you in creating Brittany Université as a university that offers educational excellence, underpinned by ethics and ethos of a utopian as we aim to do this through an academic curriculum that inspires thinking and building on the strengths of each individual.

Together with the President, Management and Faculty, our key aim is to provide you with an education that will ensure that every graduate becomes a lifelong learner equipped to play a constructive part in the local community, country and beyond.

Brittany Université faces a wide variety of exciting new challenges. I have no doubt that with the combined experience, skills and knowledge of our Academic Board, leadership team and staff, we will ensure the very best for all members of the school community.

Jean Francois Jadin

Academic Board

Graduation Ceremony 2023 is being held in Malaysia on 5th November 2023. Invitations are being sent out.